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Introduction & Application

A complete range of Plumbago stoppers for bottom pour ladles is available in a range of sizes and designs. Stopper rod ends are used by attaching to a steel rod, which is sheathed with refractory tubes for protection from the molten metal.

Our stoppers do not stick to the ladle nozzle when lifted and consistently reseal without leaks when closed off. Multiple openings while pouring a single ladle, without any leakage or nose erosion/ sticking are primary characteristics of Morgan stoppers.

Stopper Rod

Strength: A Measure of Performance

As we carried out several laboratory trials before launching the product, our customers informed us that the strength is the top parameter for this product range due to its high stress application. Pouring application is controlled by the continuous lifting and dropping of the stopper rod, where the nose (curved region) is striking against the nozzle. Therefore Morgan carried out some Cold Compression Strength (CCS) tests in order to determine the right mix and create a comparison with the competition. It can be observed in the graph below that the Morgan stopper rod exhibits a 14-24% increase in strength in comparison to 'A' and 'B', which are samples taken from other suppliers, which implies less damage to the stopper rod leading to consistent metal ow during casting.


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