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Degassing Solutions

SiC Degassing Rotor

Morgan has developed a one piece silicon carbide rotor and shaft for use in aluminium degassing. Morgan rotary degassing rotor has a high resistance to wear in service and has excellent anti oxidation properties providing a cost effective consumable for use in foundries degassing processes.


  • One piece shaft and rotor
  • Wear resistant silicon carbide material
  • Excellent oxidation resistance
  • Rotor designed for effective gas dispersal
  • Six vane rotor to reduce bubble size for better hydrogen removal


  • Efficient removal of hydrogen and unwanted particles
  • Quick change over of rotor
  • One piece construction
  • Cost effective
  • Long life

Reduced Pressure Testing

The Reduced Pressure Testing has been developed solely for the purpose of giving a visual indicator of the gas content in the aluminium melt. RPT ensures cooling of a molten aluminium sample in a reduced pressure atmisohere. The key purpose of RPT is making samples for visual inspection of excessive gas entrapment check Density/Density Index.

Density Index Unit

  • We offer a solution to measure the purity of metal after degassing. The Unit consists of weighing pan assembly, stainless stee base for glass beaker, optiona sinker for testing materlials that have density less then that of water and software for density and density index determination
  • our DI Unit offers stability up to a resolution of 6 million counts.
  • We can configure the density of a liquid other than water for DI calculation.
  • The calculations and readings are stored on a computer that is connected to the DI unit, thus ensuring hassle-free data recording and storage.


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