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Blue Lightning Thermocouple Sheath

Morgan Blue Lightning Thermocouple Sheaths offer superior protection,excellent service life, quick response and ease of use for aluminum and other non-ferrous melting and holding applications

Morgan Blue Lightning Thermocouple Sheaths are available with either a ½" BSP, ¾" NPT pipe or without a pipe as a straight ceramic sheath for higher temperature copper applications. The pipe versions are also available as a complete pyrometer assembly to help speed-up installation and reduce labour costs

Design Feature


Robust Design Long Service Life
Non-Wetting Chemistry Ease of Cleaning
Low Dross Build -Up
No Metal Contamination
Highly Conductive Rapid Response Times
Reduced Fuel Usage
Good Thermal Shock Resistance
Simple Design Quick Change Over
Integral Coating No Coating Required
Assembly Available Minimal Labor and No Downtime

Pyrometer Assembly

The pyrometer assembly comes ready for the tough foundry environment and is inspected and tested prior to shipment. They are specifically designed to provide a quick and technician free change of the existing pyrometer with no additional effort other than plugging in the new pyrometer and stainless steel sheath compensating cable.

Assembled, tested and includes:

  • Blue Lightning Thermocouple Sheath
  • Thermocouple (Type K)
  • Horizontal pipe and fittings
  • Junction head and connectors
  • Stainless sheathed lead (2m)
  • Male connector
  • Female connector (for connection to furnace)
  • Calibration certificate


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