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Clay Graphite skimmers are designed for easy and efficient removal of dross and dirt from all types of molten metal. They are supplied with a threaded bolt for easy attachment to a handle and have holes for draining the molten metal back into the furnace, reducing waste. Excellent erosion resistance & non wettability by slag or molten metal imparts excellent life & ease of operations to the product

Ladle Bowls

The best method of taking molten metal samples and for skimming slag from induction furnaces and ladles. The products are supplied in a range of sizes from 275 cm3 to 2000 cm3 capacity. Designed for obtaining samples for spectrographic analysis, test bars and thermal analysis samples. Molten metal samples can be retrieved in a cost efficient way, free from contamination of dirt, which is close to temperature of the bulk metal being sampled (important for thermal analysis).

Sampling Spoons

Sampling spoons with an integral handle for taking small samples of molten metal for analysis or for removing dirt and dross from small crucibles.


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