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Degassing Tubes

A simple and convenient tool specifically designed to meet the requirements of refiners and foundry men for manual nitrogen degassing.

Flushing the molten metal with nitrogen is a simple and inexpensive way to ensure that the melt is gas-free and helps ensure against gas porosity.

Morgan Degassing Tubes are supplied with porous plugs also, which disperses small gas bubbles & ensures uniform gas distribution. Threaded variants are available to facilitate required extension.

Plunger Mixtures

Plunger mixtures are used for plunging of degassing or treatment tablets into aluminium or for stirring ferro alloy additions into cast iron. They are available with or without a steel reinforcing rod for additional strength.

Degassing Rotors


One of the major concerns in the modern aluminium casting industry is aluminium alloy cleanliness. With the ever increasing demands for improved casting properties, the requirements for molten metal cleanliness have become extremely stringent. The removal of dissolved hydrogen and unwanted particles from the melt using rotary degassing has become a widely used foundry practice.

Morgan has developed a one piece silicon carbide rotor and shaft for use in this process. Morgan rotary degassing rotor has a high resistance to wear in service and has excellent anti oxidation properties providing a cost effective consumable for use in foundries' degassing processes.


  • One piece shaft and rotor
  • Wear resistant silicon carbide material
  • Excellent oxidation resistance
  • Rotor designed for good gas dispersal
  • Six vane rotor to reduce bubble size for better hydrogen removal


  • Efficient removal of hydrogen and unwanted particles
  • Quick change over of rotor
  • One piece construction Long life
  • Cost effective

Anti Vortex Plate

To complement our degassing rotor, Morgan MMS also produces a clay graphite anti vortex plate. This plate is manufactured in a proven wear and oxidation resistant material. It will help stop the reintroduction of hydrogen and aluminium oxide particles into the treated molten aluminium by reducing the circular metal ow caused by the rotation of the degassing rotor.


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