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Converter Segments

Morgan Converter segments offer an economic alternative consumable for foundries converting cast iron to ductile iron using the George Fischer process. Produced in clay graphite under quality controlled conditions, Morgan converter segments are manufactured in a range of sizes to suit customers' requirements


The segments are placed in bottom of the George Fischer converter vessel to form a chamber into which the magnesium is placed from outside the vessel. When the vessel is rotated, the molten iron is introduced into the chamber in a controlled manner through holes in segment plate. The magnesium is then vaporised by the iron and de-sulphuries and nodularises the cast iron, producing ductile cast iron.


  • Consistent performance & zero failures reported in last 8 years
  • Low erosion due to high product density, offering longer product life. Some of our customers reuse the product after 200 plus cycles by careful removal of slag.
  • Resistant to iron and slag adhesion - stays cleaner
  • High thermal shock resistance

Fall Chute Liners

Morgan liners are moulded in rigid forms in order to ensure dimensional repeatability and product consistency. The Liners offers excellent service life due to superior erosion resistance in the critical areas where the metal contacts the liner and changes direction. High erosion at this point otherwise leads to excessive turbulence in the flow of molten metal and, in turn, increases the likely hood of quality issues in the finished pipe.


The fall chute liners are used in centrifugal pipe casting foundries to transfers molten metal from the ladle or furnace into the spinning pipe mould.


  • Non-wetting clay graphite material
  • Accurate dimensional stability
  • Many different sizes and configurations available
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 1600 C


  • Consistent performance
  • Low erosion – longer life
  • Resistant to iron and slag adhesion - stays cleaner
  • Very high thermal shock resistance
  • Easily repaired with Morgan Morcem 900 cement
  • Easy to install - one piece design


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