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For jointing and coating in all kinds of foundry applications, we offer the comprehensive range of carbon-based refractory cements.


  • Morcem 900 is ideal for general purpose applications including joining carbon or graphite-based materials and protective coating in foundries and steelworks and is activated by simply mixing the powder with hot water.
  • Morcem 2 is a two-part Phosphate bonded cement developed for use in a wide range of refractory applications that have contact with molten metal up to 1650C including jointing, coating and sticking.
  • Morram 8301 is a high quality graphite ramming materials for use where high thermal conductivity is required such as heat exchange improvement in brick housings for electric arc furnaces.

Performance characteristics

The chemically bonded coatings do not impact or change in any way the installation or start-up / heating procedures for the crucible in which it has been applied.

Coating Selection Table

  • Morcem 900 offers high strength combined with excellent resistance to oxidation, metal penetration and slag attack.
  • Morcem 2 is quick to prepare and sets without need for drying or heating. It has a high crushing strength and high thermal conductivity. It is not wetted by molten metals or liquid slags and offers high resistance to all types of erosion threats.
  • Morram 8301 offers exceptionally high thermal conductivity; at least twice that of competitive ramming materials. It is easy to use, can be poured from the bag and consolidated by hand ramming.


  • Our cements are designated by the prefix MCM with a number for the grade of cement.
  • Morgan Rammable materials are designated by the prefix MRM with a number for the grade.


Our cement products are made from premium grade raw materials under ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

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